For the Doodlers Anonymous “Your Dream Class” showcase last week. Someone teach me how to simplify my life.

On a side note: Trying new things with color and texture. It feels kind of weird.
So I made this thing. For my sister, for her friend’s birthday.
It doesn’t really look like a ticket, but all the important stuff is there. I earned that free meal + coffee.
I just couldn’t get over Four’s real name and the fact that Tris began using that name exclusively in Insurgent.
From then on, I could only picture blue analrapists and never-nudes. Thus, Four was ruined.
My sister requested I make her this for her new apartment. I hate pressure. Blargh.
I’ve been thinking a lot about our conceptions of different ages and this idea of getting older and what that means and how much it matters.
My doodles and contemplations have been relatively inconclusive.
All I know is that nowadays, when I see an attractive person in a movie or on television, I feel the pressing need to check Wikipedia… just to make sure that attraction is age-appropriate.
That freaks me out.
What’s your diag-nonsense?
( Susanna Kaysen, Girl, Interrupted )