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My thoughts often drift to friendship and pastries. Dedicated to my friend Meg, who feeds me. 

This counts, right? Donate and get informed at #alsawareness #icebucketchallenge #thedoodleversion

As a kid, I used to obsess over the idea of talking to animals. I thought I was over that phase, but then I read Eric Kahn Gale’s The Zoo at the Edge of the World and apparently I’m not.

Also, this book is kind of great.

Also, these are the only animals I can draw.

Sometimes when I read poetry, I think about the words literally and start giggling madly. Because I am mature.

Example? The beginning of I Will Wade Out by e.e. cummings.

I made these Disneyland ticket vouchers and gave them to the family last Christmas (along with the promise of actual usable tickets). Gotta stuff the stockings with something, right?

Also, I need to stop neglecting and abandoning blogs. I have such commitment issues. 

For this year’s Conejo Valley Youth & Government shirts. I don’t know what this means or why there is a bunny rabbit, but hey, I’ll go with it.

For the Doodlers Anonymous “Your Dream Class” showcase last week. Someone teach me how to simplify my life.

On a side note: Trying new things with color and texture. It feels kind of weird.

So I made this thing. For my sister, for her friend’s birthday.

It doesn’t really look like a ticket, but all the important stuff is there. I earned that free meal + coffee.

August 2013 meet August 2012.

Gunpo Summer Camp, complete with a poorly organized paintball match in gruesome heat between tiny elementary schoolers. An epic trip to Japan and the discovery of Geisha candies. The beginning of book/drinking club with my amazing Sanbon people. Lots of classy wine nights and mimosa brunches. Then some not-so-classy nights out in Hongdae. My co-teacher’s frustrating incompetency earns her the name “Rotten Melon.” And, oh yeah, a typhoon.

2012 set the bar pretty high. We’ll see about you, 2013. We’ll see.